About Us

Meet the Owner:

Hi there, my name is Blake Lewis, I'm the owner and operator of Tide Pool Aquatics. Like many of you, I'm just a dedicated hobbyist and fish nerd who has a diehard appreciation and interest for marine aquariums!

I have over a decade of experience in keeping saltwater fish, and over the years I have become especially intrigued by the unique and rare specimens that cannot be found in a regular aquarium store. Since then, the opportunity has presented itself that I may open my online aquarium shop, and I will offer my customers those same unique and rare specimens that I have come to admire so much.

About Us:

Tide Pool Aquatics is a small business that specializes in offering aquarium conditioned and quarantined WYSIWYG saltwater fish from the Hawaiian Islands, Christmas Island, and the Marshall Islands. 
Our goal is simple, we want to supply fellow hobbyists with healthy specimens at an affordable price. 

Tide Pool Aquatics may be a small operation, but this is used to our advantage. We provide the same quality and reliability as the larger online aquarium retailers while keeping costs low.

The Health of Our Fish:

The health of a fish is dependent upon its source. Because Tide Pool Aquatics operates out of Los Angeles, we have direct access to many of the best wholesalers in the country. Each fish is individually chosen from reliable and trusted sources and then observed and prophylactically treated for a minimum of 2 weeks before being listed for sale.

Our Costs:

Tide Pool Aquatics is dedicated to keeping prices low! First, our husbandry protocols ensure the health of each fish to minimize any potential losses. Second, being a small operation means we have the advantage of low operating costs. These savings are passed onto the customer!