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Guarantee and Policies


All fish sold come with a 5 day stay alive guarantee (unless specifically stated, marked as "Expert Only" or specimens exceeding $500). Restricted items are only covered for arrival. 

Specimens must be taken care of properly for the guarantee to apply. The guarantee is void if the package is not accepted on the first attempt by delivery personnel, or if there is any clear physical damage inflicted on the specimen's body. Additionally, we cannot guarantee losses due to carrier delays or acts of god. 

If a specimen dies within the time frame of the guarantee, we will replace it minus shipping costs if it's in stock. If out of stock, the customer will be given a refund for the amount of the item purchased. Shipping cost will not be refunded. The shipping cost is the actual label price, this information will be provided by request.

If an animal is either marked "Expert Only" or individually costs more than $500, the 5 day stay alive guarantee is void. In any case, we still guarantee that the specimen will arrive alive and in good condition. In the case of a DOA of a restricted item, please contact us within one hour of receiving the shipment. Do not open the bag if the specimen is DOA. We require clear photos of the specimen still in the bag, and may request a video. 

Although we are diligent about our quarantine, we are unable to guarantee our livestock to be absolutely disease free. There are simply too many factors in place. Because of this, we recommend that all new additions be quarantined prior to being introduced into a display aquarium. Fish purchased from our "non-quarnantined" section must be introduced into a quarantine tank on arrival for the 5 day guarantee to apply. Never put non-quarantined fish directly into a display aquarium. 


Note: If your package is being held at a FedEx center for delivery, the package must be picked up within 2 hours of becoming available (ready by 10:30 am) or the arrive alive guarantee is void. 


Preorder Item Policy:  

Once sourced, preordered fish must be accepted by the customer. These items are sourced by customer request, so we cannot issue refunds once we purchase the specimen. 

Preordered fish are guaranteed while in our care and are eligible for our extended guarantee. Specimens that have completed quarantine must be shipped within 1 week of completion. 

Please be certain of your purchase before you place the order, we do not entertain any form of buyer's remorse and cannot offer exchanges. Once the fish is sourced, preorder sales are final. 


Return Policy: 

There is a 10% restocking fee for stock items and WYSIWYG fish orders canceled before shipment. Orders already shipped cannot be returned and must be accepted at the time of delivery. Refusal of delivery after shipment will void the "live arrival" guarantee and/or void any potential refund of that particular order.


*Policies are subject to change without notice