Quarantine Procedure:    

     Here at Tide Pool Aquatics, we take pride in the health of our fish. Our quarantine procedure starts with our suppliers. We only work with the best in the industry to assure that we are receiving healthy specimens from the start. Moreover, transportation stress is minimal due to our short distance from the distributors. 

     Once received and acclimated, we perform a freshwater bath on all incoming fish. Once complete, we move our fish with specimen containers or by hand to the main quarantine system. Unless the fish exhibits excessive signs of disease, they remain in the main quarantine system for a minimum of 2 weeks.

     First and foremost, we run 1.8ppm chelated copper in the main quarantine system at all times. The constant copper prevents outbreaks of ich and velvet in our systems. Additionally, we run nitrofurazone in the water column to combat bacterial infections. New arrivals receive freshwater baths every other day for the first week, and every fish listed for sale has undergone at least one round of praziquantel. Lastly, all new arrivals are fed with metronidazole and kanamycin for three days after arrival. If any condition is especially persistent, we have designated hospital systems for medicating fish individually.  

     Once fish have completed the 2 week quarantine process, they are moved to tanks without medication to prevent overexposure to copper. At this point, healthy fish are listed for sale. In the case of a fish contracting disease part way through the quarantine process, the timeline resets. The fish must be disease free for another 2 weeks before going on sale. 


What do we feed? 

     The menu at Tide Pool Aquatics is excellent! We are diligent about feeding our fish well. All fish sold are guaranteed to be eating prepared foods, even the finicky ones!  Our feeding plan is formulated to accommodate all the fish we carry. Frequency of feeding is species dependent. Some fish receive up to four feedings each day while others may only be fed every other day. These feedings may include but are not limited to Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp, San Francisco Bay Brand Brine Shrimp, PE Frozen Mysis, Hikari Mysis, San Francisco Bay Brand Angelfish Preparations, Clams & Silverside, and New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula. Also, we provide dry green, red, or brown seaweed daily for grazing.